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You know how you want to share news and random stuff with your friends and neighbors?
And maybe the local news outlets don’t?
Well, that’s where UWS Corner Talk comes in!
Here, we’ll share news, commentary, school and community events, highlight small business owners and residents with interesting stories to share.
Sometimes we’ll summarize what’s going on in the news as it relates to the nabe, and other times we’ll share our findings via original reporting.
So grab yer coffee, get the hot water ready for the dishes, put the leash on the dog and/or get the tweezers out to pluck those grays and listen in.
To submit your comments, profile ideas, story/news tips and press releases, click HERE.

Upper West Side Corner Talk is a podcast from WLEE Media, LLC. Your host is Lee Uehara, a former reporter and photojournalist. She cares about the everyday person and connecting with others. You may even catch her gathering corner talk while walking her dog. Be sure to say hello!


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